You don’t know if you can keep going through life feeling invisible.

You have talents, gifts, wisdom and a God-given message to share with the world.

You’ve been following everyone else’s road map to create success in your online business for what feels like forever. 

You’ve invested more time and effort than you ever thought possible, and still can’t catch a break because you feel like your personality is working against. And, it’s left you feeling inferior, stressed-out, overwhelmed and unsuccessful.

If you’ve ever dreamt of:

  • Hitting send on a single email and launching a movement.
  • Having your next email reach your ideal client at the right time and answered her prayer.
  • Waking up tomorrow and meeting your monthly income goal in mere hours after you hit send.
  • Never having to worry about launching your next program to crickets.
  • Reinventing everything so that you’d never again have to put those important things like your husband, your children and yourself on the back-burner as you chase after the latest marketing flavor-of-the-week or bad client.

You’re in the right place.

Whether you’re a shy coach trying to make your mark in your niche, an overworked career woman looking to finally make your side hustle work for you or a woman who’s always played by everyone else’s rules and you’re ready to grow your profitable business and community, I’ve got the golden key to your success.

I’m Semonna McNeil and I’m a digital strategist and list building coach.

I help freedom-seeking, introverted or shy coaches and service providers leverage digital strategies + email marketing to build big, responsive, authentic communities of friends and buyers.

My Passion Is Marketing

In fact, I’m a marketing junkie. I spend massive amounts of time reading, learning, and testing new email marketing tips, creating sales funnels, and experimenting with the latest list building techniques.

Just like you’re passionate about your mission, I’m passionate about helping you get visible, abandon your fears around marketing online and find more clients online (of course).

I’ve spent years honing my craft and I’ve helped my clients host their first pain-free webinars, increase their list size dramatically, make money in their sleep and fill their online programs to capacity. But, I don’t just create marketing plans and build lists – I help you do what you love, on your terms (and schedule), while experiencing more JOY and less fear around how you show up to the world.

My philosophy is simple.

I believe...

Emails are more than just emails.
— Semonna McNeil

I believe your emails have the ability to answer prayers, change lives, spread movements and transform your business one subscriber at a time. And, I believe that there are gifts and messages hidden inside of you.

If you’re ready to get visible and share your gifts with the world - on your terms. 

I’m here to show you how.