Big decisions + Bigger Changes

You are meant for more

I’ve always believed I was meant for great things.

I blame my grandmother. She convinced me that I could do anything.

As I sit here, typing this post, I’m reminded of my former self. Little Semonna was filled with so many hopes and dreams (hell, I was convinced that I was meant to change the world).

After a while, my mind confused ‘I’m meant for great things’ with ‘Be great at everything you do.’

So, I did just that. I obsessed about learning everything I could about internet marketing.

Then, I hid it from the world.

Like a toddler on her first playdate, I refused to share my gifts.

Instead, I convinced myself that sharing bite-sized morsels of my skills was the only way to help others or be great.

That was fine for a while, but like a caged bird, I found myself restless and wanting more.

I wanted to:

Show up MORE

I realized that I wanted to be a real agent of change and that scared me to my core.

So what did I do?

I worked as a virtual assistant, even though I didn’t really enjoy it. I did it because I was good at it. It was comfortable and people would pay me for it. 

I used this work to bury my head in the sand. I used it to keep busy. I used it to avoid living the crazy, gutsy, free life that I craved. (maybe you can relate.)

Self Sabotage Rears It’s Ugly Head

I shut the doors to my business back in June for what I imagined might be forever.

I did everything you should do to kill a business.

I deactivated all of my funnels. I stopped posting on social media. I removed all the opt-in boxes from my website. I 80% of my email list. I even reneged on as many projects (opportunities) that my conscious would allow without a full on mutiny. (I’m a recovering people-pleasing and the idea of letting one person down still gets to me.)

Lessons + Takeaways

During the last three months, I spent a lot of time crying, sitting in silence, asking for guidance from God, binge watching The Hunger Games and reconnecting with my family.

And, I learned a lot about myself, my values and my idea of business.

I asked myself questions like…
If you value family time, why are you always working after hours and weekends?
If you value freedom, why are you living outside the box?
If you could do anything, and you know you’d be successful, what would you do?

Interestingly enough, I had to give up on my busyness business and overwhelm in order to create my dream biz.

In the silence, I realized that I wanted to be a business & marketing coach.

Right about this time, my ugly self talk popped up with the you can’ts and you’re not good enough. Blah. blah. blah.

But this time was different. This time, after much reflection and resistance, I decided to show up.

As a business and marketing coach, I’m committed to helping women service providers - just like you - build bigger, responsive email lists and create consistent marketing strategies so YOU can launch successful online courses, earn passive income, leave your mark on the world and still have enough time and energy for your family.  

Big Changes + YOU

The biggest change is that the content that I share will no longer focus on list building exclusively. I’ll still be talking about list building, but I’ll also be mixing things up and adding confidence boosting tips, mindset hacks, marketing advice, and Watch Me - trainings.

I hope you’ll stick around and join me for this journey.

What's in it for you?

  • More consistent updates (Full disclosure: If I don’t have anything of value to say - I’m not going to pop in your inbox. Deal?)
  • More opportunities to collaborate (I want to help you build your list and your dream biz
  • Programs and services to help you live the life of your dreams
  • Monthly fireside chats
  • Affordable monthly Done-With-You trainings so you can fix your dull lead magnet, find your dream clients and earn some passive income before the end of 2016

Stay tuned!

The Real Reason I Started Blogging


When I first started my VA business three years ago, I didn’t think I needed to blog. 

I had an endless supply of referrals. I was making more money than I had made working 50-60 hours a week at my corporate job and life was good.

The referrals came from every direction: friends, past clients, strategic partners, etc. And, as I noticed that more and more people were referring business my way, I found myself more and more in love with this business model.

Who needs to blog when you’ve got clients on tap? (or so I thought.)

5 Reasons To Make List Building A Priority

Are you on the fence about growing your list?

It can be hard to figure out why you need to build your list, especially if you have an abundance of clients. You may have questions like…

  • How can I make time for list building?
  • Why should I care about list building?
  • How will building my list affect my bottom line? I've got clients.

These questions come up all the time as I’m working with my clients, and I always walk them through a simple worksheet of potential results of successful list builders. Below, I’ve shared five of them to challenge any outstanding excuses/limitations/doubts you may have about growing your list.

How To Attract The RIGHT Subscribers

You’ve been led to believe that if you create a lead magnet, subscribers will come from near and far to join your list.

That’s not true.

And, it’s not enough to attract the right subscribers.

The truth is people will join (and leave) your list for a number of reasons and the best way to ensure that more stay than leave is by using a technique called ‘targeting.’